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Filter Clean Recycling, LLC
The Cleaning Process


Filter Cleaning
Filter Clean Recycling, LLC uses the Sonic Dry Clean process to restore each filter to a like new condition using only air and vacuum.  Our technicians place each filter in a vacuum chamber of the Sonic Dry Cleaning machine.  The filter is secured by clamps, then spun at a high rate of speed and vibrated to help dislodge the loose particles.  At the same time, compressed air is applied at an engineered angle to remove the dirt and dust out and away from the pleats.  After a short cycle, the filter is rotated at a lower speed to allow the air nozzles to pass over the pleating to gently remove all of the dust and contaminates.

Filter Testing

After the sonic machine has cleaned the filter, the technician will remove the filter and inspect it in a wanding booth.  The technician inspects the filter, verifies that it is clean, then looks for dents and defects that would make the filter unsafe for use.  The filter will also be tested to be sure it is breathing properly by using a manometer which tests for air flow restriction, and the gaskets are checked for damage.  At this point, the filter is then taken into a dark room to be inspected with a light bar using a 500 watt halogen bulb.  If any pinholes or other damage is found, the filter is rejected and destroyed.  If the filter passes all of the tests listed above, the filter and its gaskets are wiped clean of residual dirt and placed in a new box.  The box is given a computer label identifying the customer and filter number.

Cleaning Process

Manometer Test

Light Test

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